A Selection of Creative Originals By The Mandala Group of England and Wales

**A Selection of Creative Originals by The Mandala Group of England and Wales**Cathy, FizzBW, Jenni, Jo Jo, Sky Dymondz & Shastina**

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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Every life's a circle

If life's a circle, then I wonder, whereabouts in the circle is everyone?  And if each life is a circle, how can we tell which pattern matches each one of us? 

If every life is a circle then it's duration is predestined by the circumference of that circle. Then a mandala can be formed within this and the pattern within this becomes the essence of that life's mandala.  Although some die early and some die late, they all travel their own journey, circling the centre and within and around the varied pattern, unique to them. 

If a loved one be taken away, be it a pet, such as a beloved dog or cat, or a friend or relative, is there any comfort in the thoughts ~ everyone lives out their own unique mandala, be it long or short and everyone has lived out their own circle and their own mandala, in their own time? 

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