A Selection of Creative Originals By The Mandala Group of England and Wales

**A Selection of Creative Originals by The Mandala Group of England and Wales**Cathy, FizzBW, Jenni, Jo Jo, Sky Dymondz & Shastina**

**Mandalas in Memories **Images in a kaleidoscope**Mandalas in Memories**Images in a kaleidoscope**Mandalas in Memories**

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Many Hearts

Each of us began with the same mandala template and then by adding colour, set about making each one individual.  As can be seen we each ended with very different results. 

 The kaleidoscope, copyright of  Jo Jo only of The Mandala Group, 2011

Jo Jo says ' Pink is my favourite colour and kaleidoscopes are memories of my youth.  Shastina thinks it looks like the helm of a ship, so this makes me think of my husband's two boats that he is trying to renovate'

Springtime Mandala, Copyright of  Cathy only of  The Mandala Group 2011

Cathy says 'It was Easter time when I made this mandala: I was trying to express a childlike view of spring and the happy feeling of seeing everything new and vibrant.  I feel a child's perceptions are so fresh.  It is lovely to feel the same sensations I had as a child as the seasons change (Not exactly a Paul Klee but an attempt!!) '.

A Heart Mandala, Copyright Jenni only of The Mandala Group 2011

Jenni says: 'I explored the colour co-ordinations of turquoise with orange and different pinks with purple.  It turned out vaguely reminiscent of some art from ancient civilisation, although which one?'

Truly Scrumptious,Copyright Shastina only of The  Mandala Group 2011

Something about this mandala (maybe it's the colours and the spots ?), makes me think of when, as a small child ballerina, I had to wear a pink costume in a dance to the music with the same name.  And maybe also as it's slightly reminiscent of a fruit when halved, with it's centre revealed, all scrumptious and luscious: It's Truly Scrumptious!