A Selection of Creative Originals By The Mandala Group of England and Wales

**A Selection of Creative Originals by The Mandala Group of England and Wales**Cathy, FizzBW, Jenni, Jo Jo, Sky Dymondz & Shastina**

**Mandalas in Memories **Images in a kaleidoscope**Mandalas in Memories**Images in a kaleidoscope**Mandalas in Memories**

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sacred Circles: Around the world with the mandala

Mandalas are found in many traditions around the world as sacred circles. The Chinese Yin-yang symbol, the Hindu Yantra symbol and the Native American Medicine wheel are good examples.  Tibetan Buddhist monks have a tradition of making them as meditation mandalas with coloured sand and Rose windows can be seen in Christian cathedrals too, within beautiful stained glass.  In natural surroundings ripples on water, cobwebs, snowflakes and starfish are reminiscent of them.  Then into the mysterious, as crop circles often depict them.  In a more mundane setting they may be on dinner plates and other pieces of pottery. 

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